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For the issues and concerns below, members need to log-in for detailed informtion. Non-members can click on available links or contact the related agency and/or statutes or e-mail outfitter@paddleflausa.com.


FPPA Members!

Below is a template to download and use for the letters of support for the VF grant. Copy and paste it into Word, massage it, and get a digital version back to outfitter@paddleflausa.com ASAP. There are additional paragraphs you can add. We don't want a cookie copy version from each member. Feel free to personalize it. Please add your logo and if you have trouble with that, send a copy of logo and it will be inserted.

Grant Letter Template


On the Front Burner right now!

 The OHWL, Mandatory Paddler Education and Canoe and Kayak Registration are three of the top concerns for FPPA members. Canoe and Kayak registration is hot with the BAC as of 2014-2015

Mandatory boating education for vessels in Florida. Canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards are classified as vessels by the Coast Guard. Any legislation would need to specify which vessels would require mandatory boating education.
Dwight.Dudley@myfloridahouse.gov is the Representative mentioned in the article

NASBLA Standards: These were discussed at the September FPPA Meeting 2014. FPPA as well as AOA believes this is the first step towards licensing or onerous regulation. Our concern is the skills required would be difficult for first timers, children, and any visitors but especially foreign ones.
http://nasbla.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=1 to review the standards and make comments. Still ongoing as of September 2016

http://www.paddleflausa.com/showpage.asp?page=mandatoryedu Is a response to a Mandatory Education of Paddlers in 2006 by Becky Bragg, Owner/President of Canoe Outpost-Peace River and FPPA Communications Director. The issues are still pertinent to date, for paddlesports for kids, family, youth groups, and the Florida tourism industry.

 Upcoming and/or Simmering:            

On any of the below issues, contact outfitter@paddleflausa.com for more info.


DOT Compliance for buses and vans for outfitters    

Child Waiver: make sure your waiver has the correct language as per the 2010 Statutes

Livery Sign. Per the "Livery Law" all outfitters are required to post a yellow livery sign available from FWC. Communication Director Becky Bragg has copies too that are available at the FPPA meetings.

FPPA has partnered with FWC to produce an informational flyer about paddleboarding safety requirements. Flyer available under FWC below. 


Download the new Paddleboard Safety Equipment flyer compliments of FWC and FPPA (PDF). Its the law, SUPs must have a lifejacket if not surfing or in bathing areas. See flyer.

Wildlife Disturbance flyer is available for downloading. See Member section    

Non-motorized Access Resource Guide is now available. Guide offers design ideas and materials for launches other than the standard concrete boat ramp. This guide is a product of the NMBTAG or Non-Motorized Boat Technical Advisory Group.

FWC NMBTAG: go to http://www.myfwc.com/RECREATION/ListeningSessions.htm, also see excerpts at NMBTAG

FWC Listening Sessions: go to http://www.myfwc.com/RECREATION/ListeningSessions.htm, scroll toward bottom of page


Mandatory Paddler Education

Canoe & Kayak Registration


Ichetucknee River food and drink ban lifted.

SUPs and PFDs

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