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What Does the Future Hold for FPPA?

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Florida Professional Paddlesports Association

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Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Henry Ford




Dear Paddle Pros:


The times have changed, folks are so involved in their businesses, their lives, that there is no time to get out and meet with others and to support their industry. Without any burning issues to rally around, FPPA seems to be put on the back burner.


FPPA is facing its biggest challenge, apathy. We have cancelled our last few events because of it. Without an active membership there is no future for our association. The usual meeting date is right around the corner and is going to be handled a little differently because of this. There a few things that are going to be discussed all related to the future of FPPA.


First, the meeting is only going to be Tuesday morning with the paddle taking place immediately afterwards.


Secondly, the meeting is going to be available on GoToMeeting or similar service for those that can't attend in person.


Thirdly, the entire purpose of this meeting will be to discuss the future of FPPA.


We will be posting more info regarding times, numbers, and accommodations. If you want, you can also email your thoughts to outfitter@paddleflausa.com  or call me at 863-266-8500.


Recent discussions among the Board about the future of FPPA recognizes the issues we face due to lack of involvement from the industry. Examples of possible actions:


1. Continue FPPA but with a different dues structure, opening the member directory up to others and become the only up to date paddlesport directory and information resource for paddlesports in Florida. Check the web, all other directories are full of misinformation.

a. Full membership which includes access to website member section, vendor section, enhanced website listing, website ad, and Facebook sharing.

b. Affiliate membership which would include a basic website listing and  FaceBook mentions.

c. Associate membership for vendors, DMOs, and other agencies which would include a basic website listing and Facebook sharing. (this one might take some work, create different pages not in the member directory) but allow others to show their support of paddlesports.

2. Let FPPA go to sleep. Keep the corporation alive, minimal Facebook interaction, website upkeep to a minimum, same dues structure for listing on website. No meetings or maybe an annual meeting. Sleep until an issue arises that we need the members to rally around. Remember, FWC still has an active BAC and a non-motorized working group studying the issues such as access, registration, safety, and education.

3. Dissolve the organization, drop the website, drop Facebook and everyone go on their merry way.

We welcome any other suggestions or modifications.


I'm working on an agenda and lists of ideas right now.  If you have suggestions or ideas of what we can do to help our association that has been around since 1988. It would be a loss to paddlers, outfitters, and our state if we were to fade away.




Trent Anthney

President, FPPA


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