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Registration - What Can You Do?

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  1. Help get the support of any businesses, outfitters, clubs, environmental groups, nature groups that are involved in and/or enjoy paddling or sailing to lend their support by sending letters of support to FPPA and letting us add their name to the "Take A Stand" list. Name and city, please. E-mail Becky Bragg at canoefla@canoeutpost.com to be added.
  2. Add your name to the "Take A Stand" list of concerned citizens. Name and city, please. E-mail Becky Bragg at canoefla@canoeutpost.com to be added.
  3. Help spread the word to everyone who will support us.
  4. Keep an eye on your county commissions. The Manatee Protection Counties have all met and discussed registration. Make sure your county is not working on a resolution to support registration. See the Brevard County information at fppabrevard.htm. FWC is hosting a paddling trail conference in April and guess what is a discussion item? You guessed it, registration! the conference seems to be focused on attracting municipal and county governments. For county and Manatee Protection go to links page.
  5. Let your legislators know how you feel. Let the legislators who paddle know how you feel. If possible, develop a personal relationship with your legislators and invite them to come paddle! There will be a page at the website in the next day or two with specific folks to contact or you can start immediately and go to the links page at the registration info.
  6. Keep you ear on the ground about any legislation or rumors of any legislation that might effect us. The rumor is that although MIAF (Marine Industries) says they won't pursue registration this year, they definitely will try in 2008 but the smoke signals are that they are trying this year. The registration will probably be attached to some unrelated, obscure bill so we miss it. We all need to get familiar with the legislative workings of our government.
  7. Let's start getting the media involved so contact your local media people.

If you have any questions or any more ideas, please feel free to contact me. E-mail is quickest, phone might take a couple of days, trying to run a business too! Please spread the word and let me know how you feel! Keep an eye on the website, I've been updating it daily. We're trying to add a forum but have trouble so far.

Rebecca Ann (Becky) Bragg, Past President
Florida Professional Paddlesports Association (FPPA)
Communications Director
P.O. Box 1764
Arcadia, FL 34265
863-494-4391 fax

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