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BAC Contact Information

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Boating Advisory Council (BAC) Members
FWC Staff:
Shelly Gurr
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Division of Law Enforcement
Boating and Waterways Section
Boating Advisory Council
620 South Meridian Street, Room 235
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600
Phone: (850) 488-5600
FAX: (850) 488-9284
Email: shelly.gurr@myfwc.com
Official BAC member listing can be found on the myfwc.com website.
Legislative Contacts:
Senator Dennis Jones
Representative Jimmy Patonis

For senator contact information go to FLSenate.gov

For representative contact information go to MyFloridaHouse.gov
Registration will have an effect on tourism because it will discourage out of state paddlers with their own boats. Registration will create economic hardship for outfitters and livery operations, most of whom are small businesses which could result in closures, and/or higher prices for tourists and well as residents. Why promote the great nature tourism of Florida if no one can see it because there is no place to rent a canoe, kayak, or sailboat?
Note: any of the above websites have windows where you can search for your legislators. It is helpful if you know your 9 digit zip code, not just the five digit one.

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