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Latest News-The registration issue and mandatory education issue are hinted at each legislative session. Diligence to legislative activity is important.  

As of the 2014 BAC meeting in St. Augustine, there are rumblings that registration of canoes and kayaks might be on the radar again. The "paddlesport representative" on the BAC brought it up. In 2015 the paddlesport representative termed out and Becky Bragg with FPPA was appointed by the Governor. In the meantime, a new Non-Mortorized Working Group with form, again with Governor appointments. First meetings are in October. Stay tuned for more information.

At the 12/5/06 BAC meeting, the BAC voted not to recommend non-motorized vessel registration. The BAC did vote to explore the boater education requirements for non-motorized vessels. The registration issue is not dead. The motorboat industry has stated in meetings that they will continue to push the issue. So therefore, we will continue to maintain this website and continue to build the list of folks opposed to canoe and kayak registration.

The issue of mandatory boater education has been tabled for the moment. Click Latest news on the BAC and Non-Motorized Vessel Registration for a brief summary of the issue. Points to consider about the education is being developed at this time. Check back for an update. For some newspaper articles on the issue click here: Boater Education Articles.

Non-motorized Watercraft Registration Concerns and Talking Points

Note: non-motorized watercraft would include canoes, kayaks, sailboat of all types, rowing sculls, stand up paddle boards, rafts etc.

The Florida Professional Paddlesports Association (FPPA) has determined that the paddlers of Florida need to unite and fight any effort by any agency or organization to push the registration of non-motorized watercraft in the state of Florida. The proponents of registration need to see (by sheer numbers) that the paddlers of Florida oppose registration. E-mails can be sent to outfitter@paddleflausa.com . We would like to develop a "Paddle Partnership" where individuals as well as corporations, associations, clubs, other groups would all join together to make their voice heard. We are asking for letters of support from anyone and everyone. The FPPA has developed a concise list of concerns and is working to spread the word. We hope everyone else does the same. Paddlers can and will be heard. Please keep checking back for more information.


  • ....hmmmm, looking at the local paper: canoe, kayak, and sailboat tours and lessons are regularly listed with nature walks, flower shows, festivals, and other passive outdoor activities offered by parks, nature centers, nature and environmental groups, counties, and cities. How come motor boating isn't listed?

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