Florida Professional Paddlesports Association

Florida Professional Paddlesports Association

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Our Purpose

The Florida Professional Paddlesports Association (FPPA) is a network of professional paddlesport outfitters and retailers whose purpose is to promote paddling in Florida.

We help our members by making it easier for customers to find their business through  the FPPA website, FaceBook, other social media outlets, web links in a variety of directories,  co-op promotion, group representation, and rack cards. FPPA is a Founding Partner of VISIT FLORIDA, and a  member of the Florida Outdoors Writers Association (FOWA) .

FPPA provides paddlesport industry representation to state agencies and committees, such as DEP, Enterprise Florida, VISIT FLORIDA, BAC, FWC,  and others. We make sure our members stay up-to-date on issues and regulation affecting their businesses.

FPPA works closely with AOA (America Outdoors Association) and VISIT FLORIDA (state tourism marketing corporation) to promote paddling in the state of Florida.

FPPA continues to be the only state association representing professional paddlesport outfitters and retailers in Florida. It is an active Not-For-Profit Corporation in the State of Florida.

FPPA is funded solely by member dues and all functions of the organization are performed by member volunteers. Many of it's members are active in various organizations such as the Boating Advisory Council, Visit Florida, Sierra Club, ACA, Audubon, AOA/PPA, and many others.

Our Mission

To promote and protect the unique aesthetic, important ecological value, and recreational values of paddling on Florida's waterways and support the outfitters that paddle these waterways.   

Our Goals

To educate the public to the healthful and enjoyable benefits of paddling as a recreational activity.


To educate the public to the vital role that Florida's waterways play in the state's ecosystem and the importance of good conservation practices.


To promote and protect the unique aesthetic and recreational values of Florida's waterways.


To work with local, state and federal government agencies to track and insure that legislation, policies and proposals are a benefit to paddling Florida's waters and provide positive support for the paddling industry.


To work towards providing group purchasing power for items communally used by the paddling industry


To promote the safe and responsible use of all types of boats on Florida's waterways.


To promote paddling as a state-wide tourist activity.


Our Leaders

Officers for 2013-2015:

President-Trent Anthney

Canoe Outpost, Inc.


Vice President-Captain Charles Wright

Everglades Area Tours


Sec/Treas-Brian Ruddeforth

Canoe Outpost-Little Manatee River


Communications Director-Becky Bragg

Canoe Outpost-Peace River


Contact outfitter@paddleflausa.com if not sure where to direct your question, comment, or information.   


Regional Directors:

Northwest: Clifford & Debbie Gay / Econfina Creek Canoe Livery
North Central: Jim Wood / Canoe Outpost-Santa Fe River
Northeast: volunteer needed
Central West: Mary Morgan / Crystal River Kayak Company & Dive Shop
Central: vacant, volunteer needed
Central East: Bill Kowalik / Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach
Southwest: Connie Langmann / Canoe Outpost-Gaea Guides
Southeast: volunteer needed

Our History

The Florida Professional Paddlesports Association was started in 1988. A group of outfitters that included the Canoe Outposts on the Little Manatee and Peace River, Katie's Wekiva Landing, and a couple of others got together and decided that a state association was needed, modeled after the National Canoe Livery and Outfitter  Association (NACLO). It was originally called FACLO, Florida Association of Canoe Liveries and Outfitters but with the growth of kayak outfitters and retailers, the association was re-named FPPA to represent all professional paddlesport outfitters. NACLO has also changed names from NACLO to PPA, Professional Paddlesports Association. PPA has since merged into AOA.

Are you thinking about joining FPPA?

Professional outfitters and paddlesport retailers with an interest in offering services and goods to the paddling public are invited to join the Florida Professional Paddlesports Association (FPPA).

We meet two times times a year at one of our member's locations and enjoy paddling, food, friendship and the exchange of ideas on how to make our businesses and our sport more attractive to the public.

Complete list of member benefits


Already a member and need your log-in info? Contact outfitter@paddleflausa.com for your log-in info.

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